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Repair and Restoration

Bring us your tired, your poor, your messed up bicycles.

We Repair All Bicycles

Obviously we want you to buy your new bicycle from us, but if your trusty Huffy or worn-out Walmart special needs repairs, a tune-up, or a full rehab, we are happy to get it working again. No bike snobs around here – we service all bicycles.

Bicycle Parts and Accessories

Come by the shop and browse our Accessories for new and vintage bicycles. We have an ever-changing selection of baskets, pedals, locks, fenders, seats, package racks, bar tape, reflectors, handlebar grips, streamers, and more.

Rent a Stand

On the first Saturday of each month, you can reserve the use of a bicycle service stand to repair your own bicycle. Let us teach you how to do some of the more basic repairs. In-shop parts are readily available as well as selected specialty tools for bigger, more complicated jobs.
Some vintage bicycles are worth serious money – most are not. Some vintage bicycles have high sentimental value – most do not. We will have a candid conversation with you about your riding goals and what your bicycle can do to help you achieve those goals. We love making old bicycles ride and look like new again.

You can check out the dozens of vintage bicycles we have made like new again in our vintage bicycle gallery.

Fall 2020 Pricing

Rent a Stand: By appointment, 3-6 pm on the first Saturday of the month. $15/hour.

Basic Tune Up: Wash bicycle, safety check, brake adjustment, shifter adjustment, cleaning of chain and derailleurs. $60.00

Step One Service: All Basic Tune Up Services, plus and including the installation of new cables and housings. $110.00

Step Two Service: All Basic Tune Up and Step One Services, plus re-grease bottom bracket, head tube and wheel hubs. $190.00

Level One Rehab: Your bicycle is fully disassembled, cleaned, re-greased, wheels trued and reassembled to a rideable condition. $190.00

Level Two Rehab: Your bicycle is fully disassembled, cleaned, re-greased, wheels trued, chrome parts de-rusted (to the extent possible), hand-waxed, polished and reassembled to a rideable condition. $245.00

Note: All above services provide customers with a 10% discount on parts needed for repairs; as well as a 50% discount on additional labor charges for work required

Additional Shop Rates for various and specific services are available at the Service Counter at The Huntington Bicycle Shop.

Bikes We Love

Monica’s Cruiser

Monica’s Cruiser

Monica just picked up this used Schwinn Cruiser and brought it to us for a new set of handlebars, a retro mirror and some adjustments. Love the...

Zanco’s vintage ride!

Zanco’s vintage ride!

Zanco is enjoying his new to him vintage 1972 Schwinn Breeze 3 speed. Bikes make life more fun - even a dog’s life.

White Lightening!

White Lightening!

Began the tear down today of this very cool white 1970 Schwinn Varsity being rehabbed for Rick Oatess. Frame has been decreased, rubbed out, waxed...

Motobecane Mirage 1978

Motobecane Mirage 1978

This beautiful ten speed is very original with a 21” (53 cm) mahogany brown frame set. The paint and decals are in great shape. The Suntour...

Matched Chestnut Set!

Matched Chestnut Set!

Check out these beautiful 1974 Schwinn Suburban 5 speeds. 47 years old and the paint still shines; the chrome still sparkles and the bikes still...


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