Every once in a while a special bike comes in the doors of the shop. This one came in last spring by the daughter of the original owner having sat in the proverbial “barn” for decades. So I pulled out the oiliest old shop rag I could find and wiped it down – about 3/16” of the usual dust, mold, bird crap, and barn debris removed. I put new grease in the bottom bracket, head set and hubs. New tires, tubes and rim liners, along with some minor wheeling truing. We added a couple cool vintage accessories including a front basket and a working headlight/horn unit with a push button for the handlebars. Original paint, wheels, grips and saddle make this bike a special ride. $539.00 plus tax.

Big, bold, beautiful
Great paint, pinstripes
Very cool front basket and working headlight/horn combo unit