1980’s Huffy Sweet Thunder

Proving once again that there is nothing that a father won’t do for his daughter – Ryan W. disassembled, degreased, media blasted, de-rusted, repainted, polished every part on this bike for Allison. Making it even more special, is the fact that this very bike...

Celebrating Huntington University’s 125th!

A big shout out to Steven Weingart and the HU Advancement Team for setting me up with an awesome green/white HU front license plate for the Bike Buggy. I think of it as a dark green stem on a bright orange pumpkin! HU swag – approved by Ike!

Melody and her Ecotad recumbent

Kudos to Melody Brown for using her Sun trike to get back into the swing of cycling and make the move to longer, more scenic rides. Her new bright red Sun Ecotad is a superb bike for her riding goals.

Expanded Sales Floor

With the success of this past summer and sales of new bicycles, we have expanded our sales area to have dedicated spaces for Sun, Pure and STS bicycles. Come check out the expanded array of great bikes and cool accessories now available at The Huntington Bicycle Shop...

Dan’s Vintage Schwinn LeTour

Dan C. is in the 8th grade and a member of the BSA Troop 130 in Huntington. This troop routinely helps the scouts learn the basics of tour riding and have goals of accomplishing 25 and 50 mile rides. Most of the guys are just coming off riding BMX and mountain bikes...