Last May Kathy L from Tulsa, OK came to Indiana to see her son graduate from NDU Law School. She had been wanting to have her original bike made rideable again and she found out about our Rehab Services at HBS. So she brought us her trusty Schwinn Hollywood and we went to work over the fall and winter disassembling, degreasing, de-rusting, polishing and reassembling her beloved bike. This past Monday on a really cold day Kathy and her bike were reunited in Tulsa. My wife, Barb and I decided to take a SW road trip to NM and AZ, following US Route 66. We just love it when a plan comes together!

What a story this bike tells – the Kathy license plate and the bike registration stickers that remain on the rear fender.
Somewhere around 1966-68 all decorated for the 4th of July!