Debra E. brought us her beloved Schwinn back in February for us to recondition to like-new riding condition. We assessed the 50+ years of wear and deterioration, lined up vintage replacement parts from our huge stash of vintage Schwinn parts and once October arrived, we got started!

We disassembled the bike down to the bare frame and began bringing back the luster of the original Schwinn paint and chrome. Some chrome parts had rust issues beyond repair, so we found good used period-correct replacements. The bike got reassembled with new grease in the headset, bottom bracket and hubs. The wheels got trued and the fenders got some much needed love and attention. We even got the front and rear lights working again with the dynamo generator that works off the back wheel. We even reinstalled the rear hub shiner!

Enjoy your “new” old bike Deb. If you have a much loved vintage bike that needs “much love” to make rideable again – give us a call! We work on these classics all winter.

Beautiful Schwinn Deluxe Breeze in Campus Green
Original rear reflector with bezel, rear hub shiner, and rear generator light
Gleaming Schwinn chrome; nine spring Schwinn Saddle, streamline front light, Schwinn bow pedals