It is always a treat to have a person come into the shop with a bike they purchased as a kid and want to have it made rideable again. Dave W. did just that this past summer and last week we began the transformation. The bike came into the shop in rough shape, seized stem, seized crankset, seized freewheel, toasted chain, taco-ed front wheel and paint that had seen better days. Check out the transformation so far in the photos below. Plans are to have this bike finished up by the end of 2022.

Rusty crusty crankset
Seized seat post getting some persuasion. Next up was the stem and the steer tube.
I like to have salsa with my tacos.
Bucket O’parts and a good look at the alloy stem that got seized (galvanic corrosion) in the steel fork steer tube
At the end of the day Thursday.
December 23, 2022 all finished!