It began with a very complete Sunset Orange 1973 Schwinn Super Sport. We removed the drop bars in favor of some tourist bars and added some shellacked pure cork grips. Every part came off the bike and got degreased, cleaned and polished. New cables, housings, grease and reassembled. The original alloy wheel set got rebuilt hubs, trued and a set of new Panaracer Pasela gumwalls installed. The client has selected a very conforming set of SKS LongBoard fenders and a brown Brooks B17 leather saddle. Typical of vintage Schwinns, the paint POPS and the chrome GLEAMS!

Solid Schwinn “Ashtabula” one-piece crankset, 49 years and shines up like a new one.
Weinmann alloy wheels with quick release hubs; Schwinn approved Huret rear derailleur and the gleaming chrome of the iconic Schwinn “pie pan” spoke protector.
Sleek SKS Longboard fenders hug the gumwall Panaracer Pasela tires. Even installed original style “pink” brake pads and the round white front reflector.
Side view styling with the SKS fenders and the Panaracer Pasela gumwall tires
The very best saddle known to man!

Hand rubbed pure cork grips with the first of four coats of shellack.