This project started out in the Huntington Bicycle Shop boneyard, digging out this very nice opaque red LeTour. Paint was solid, the decals were nice and looked to be a fairly complete bike. Did the frame up rehab and polished the paint and chrome. Swapped the original 5 speed freewheel for a 6 speed 14-34 freewheel. Also swapped out the original steel 27” wheels for a set of Wolber 700 c alloy wheels with Shimano 105 hubs. Kept the vintage look with a nice set of 700 x 25 Panaracer Pasela gumwalls, shortie fenders, and a Brooks B17 black leather saddle. This one is being added to my vintage Schwinn collection in the LeTour slot. It is for sale $699.00 plus tax

Japanese made bike, French name, sold in America!
2×6 gearing
Gumwalls and shortie fenders