What is more fun on a cold November day than to hang out at the local bike shop with four inquisitive young ladies working to earn their bicycling merit badge? Nothing!

It was a real treat to give Penelope, Paisley, Rory and Cherish a tour of the bike shop; show them the different kinds of bicycles to choose from; and to let them experience riding different bicycles. They had lots of questions, ranging from: “how do gears work?” to “what are the best safety practices for bicyclists?” Thanks girls for making today a great day and the bike shop. it was nice to meet you and help you learn more about bicycles and how they work.

Learning about the basic parts that make up a bicycle and seeing up close how a derailleur shifts the gears.
Trying out an 8 speed Pure Urban Commuter on a trainer. A great way to learn how shifting on a multi-speed bike works.