Barb (Brooks’ wife) test rode an Aventon Pace 500.3 last week with her sister Julie Q. and a couple of Julie’s friends who came to Huntington to pick up Aventon e-bikes they had purchased. Barb came back from that ride determined she had to have one! So today, she came by the shop and picked out a white Pace 500.3 in Ghost White with plum accents. She opted for some brown leather accessories, like a seat, grips, gumwall tires and eventually a rear racktop bag. She wanted fenders, a mirror, a rear rack and a front rack. She even got me to throw in an Xnito ebike helmet as part of the deal. Happy Mother’s Day and Happy Birthday Barbie!

Helmets made to protect the ebike riders. Feature front and rear rechargeable LED lighting.
Barb and her Bike!