Nothing like starting off the week right with a bike ride on Sunday evenings. We had Fetters, Wolfe’s and Davises show up on the front parking lot of HNHS for our first “Slow Roll Sunday” group ride. As we like to say – at the Huntington Bicycle Shop, we have “Bicycles For Everyone!”

Colin on a vintage Schwinn Sprint and Paul Davis on a very kid friendly Sun Matrix 20”
Luke Fetters rocking the Electric Blue Electra Townie
Vera Wolfe and her very cool cruiser
Nora – “who says you can’t have a pretty blue wicker basket mounted on a Mountain Bike?”
Retired Rockstar HCCSC Kindergarten teacher Audrey Fetters riding her Electra Townie
Lydia – go bold or go home!
Barb Fetters and her tangerine Electra Townie
Nolan – another Sun Matrix 20”
Miles on a Yaro BMX trick bike
Flint Springs Fourth Grade teacher Mrs. Davis on her vintage Schwinn city bike
Melissa on a very fun Sun Drifter 24 speed Townie
Lisa Fetters on her amazing Electra Cruiser
Quinn – tall man on a tall Sun Baja fat-tire trike!
Brooks broke out the 1948 Hawthorne Bomber bike – clay and cream balloon tires, springer saddle, cork grips, brass bell and motorcycle mirror.