When you own a local bike shop in your hometown, you are a blessed man! You get the chance to help people defy aging by putting them on appropriate and fun bikes that fit their stage and age in life. What is really fun is to hear how many people comment, “riding a bike made me feel like a kid again!”

However, if I am not careful, I never get out on a ride to experience the simple pleasure of self-propulsion. I’m like the proverbial “home-builder who never gets his own house completed,” or the “house painter who never has time to paint his own house.”

Thankfully, I have a superb team of mechanics and team mates, as well as a supportive wife who insist that I – GO RIDE!! They know and I know, I am a better version of Brooks, when I ride regularly. So last night once the shop closed for the day, I got out for 7.5 miles and again tonight for 10.0 miles along the Little River out in Union Township.

It felt good to ride out with the wind at a brisk, effortless pace. There was a sense of accomplishment after a strenuous, head-down workout back home with a stiff headwind. All in all a pretty good day!

The STS ADVNTR along the Simpson Road Bridge in Union Township, Huntington County, Indiana