Ike and I were out on a late Sunday morning walk around downtown Huntington and saw The Brothers Souers (at least two of them, along with Kaylene) out putting to primer and paint on their Vintage Auto Storage building on East Franklin Street. They are getting ready to help Huntington celebrate Christmas with an amazing window display in a few weeks – make sure you stop by and check it out. While setting up their display they found a couple of pieces that just didn’t work with the display and thought would work much better at The Huntington Bicycle Shop. They were so right! Check out the HBS Orange Sleigh with eight tiny bicyclists pulling it along. The photos show a couple of placement options I tried. I opted for the inside so I don’t lose them. Very fun and very appreciated.

Just missing a Rudolph!
Nothing quite like drafting behind a pace line of eight tiny, fast riders
On Jim, and Chris, and Kooper, and Bill, and Steve, and Raul, and Royce, and Eric, “now fly away, fly away, fly away all!” Ho Ho Ho!!