Last spring/summer Chuck and Sandy brought his mom’s bike to the shop for us to rehab. It needed lots of help to get back into riding shape. The fun part of this project was that it was Chuck’s mom’s bike, it was a bike Chuck learned to ride on, and Sandy is going to ride it going forward. After talking it through, we opted for a new set of chrome wheels with 26×2.125 whitewall tires to make the ride comfortable. We applied some special restorer treatment on the paint and chrome parts. We regreased all the bearings and reassembled the bike. Lots of fender dents got rolled out and we replaced some worn out original parts with some period correct replacement parts. While the bike is not all “original” it’s pretty cool and very rideable as a resto-mod. It was a real treat to see Chuck hop on and take the first ride. Lots of memories, big smiles and maybe even a small teardrop. Enjoy the ride Chuck and Sandy! Thanks for allowing us the chance to make this bike beautiful again.

Love that duck tail front fender! Missing the Deltaray front fender light, but filled the holes with a very cool fender ornament. The horn/tank got installed after this photo was taken.
Nothing like streamers and whitewalls and a rear saddlebag basket!