The Huntington Bicycle Shop – with a huge shout out to our resident master builder, Chris Bucher, who along with STS teamed up to build this beautiful Tangerine Metallic touring bicycle to match up with the 2007 Honda Element that runs SAG and errands for the shop. What I (Brooks) am enjoying is the opportunity to work with the team at STS Bicycles in Rushville, Indiana and build a custom touring bike to my specifications and liking. The fun part is that they will do this for anyone not just guys who work at bike shops. I just finished installing my broken-in Antique Brown Brooks B-67 leather saddle and wrapping the bars with Brooks brown leather wrap. Got a set of color match fenders and rear rack on the way. Can’t wait to ride this sweet thing!

Tangerine Metallic paint, Panaracer GravelKing gumwalls and Brooks leather bar wrap!
Love Brooks B-series Leather saddles!
Proudly designed and made in the USA!
Not just American made – Indiana made! Rushville to be exact.
Need fenders, kickstand, and rear rack.