Vera and Grandpa set up a very cool Sun Drifter 7!

Vera outgrew her old bike and it was time for her to get an adult size bike. But not just any bike; needs to be the right color and set up with the right accessories. So grandpa and Vera went to work (with the help of Mom and Dad). We started with the very stylish...
Memorial Day Bike Ride!

Memorial Day Bike Ride!

It was a gray, windy and cloudy Memorial Day, but 6 of us got out for our annual ride with a stop at the Veterans Memorial at Memorial Park next to the iconic Sunken Gardens. We enjoyed a 15 mile ride and then spent some time reflecting on the freedoms that belong to...
New Biker Alert!  Chidi gets wheels.

New Biker Alert! Chidi gets wheels.

We had a lot of fun yesterday getting Chidi, a HU student on a bike for her very first time. After showing her the basics of balancing and braking, she got real brave and began pedaling! Congrats Chidi – enjoy the ride. Let’s ride!!