Vera outgrew her old bike and it was time for her to get an adult size bike. But not just any bike; needs to be the right color and set up with the right accessories. So grandpa and Vera went to work (with the help of Mom and Dad).

We started with the very stylish step-thru Sun Drifter 7 in an amazing Coral color. We swapped out the blackwall tires for some wide whitewall that really pop with the Coral pinstripe on the wheels. We then snagged a retro style springer cruiser style saddle in white with a crashbar. We also swapped out her rear rack bag and front basket for a really sweet white mesh metal quick release basket, perfect for going to the Farmer’s Market and other errands.

Nothing like making a kid happy with a cool new, personalized bicycle. Ride happy Vera!

Vera and Grandpa with her new Sun Drifter 7 in Coral with white accents.